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Convenient In-Clinic Appointments and Remote Set-ups

Home Delivery Service:

  • All patients require is a computer with a camera and an internet connection

  • Paperwork completed electronically

  • CPAP unit, mask and supplies shipped directly to patient home

  • We recommend allowing 10-days from the date we place the shipping order for patient to receive their machine.

  • We schedule patients 10-days from when we receive their signed paperwork; once we confirm the patient has received their order, we call the patient and move their appointment up**

**Patients are receiving their equipment on average within 5-6 days with patients choosing to move their appointment up, and others chose to keep their original appointment. 


In-Clinic Setup:

  • Patient health screening at arrival in clinic including temperature check

  • Social distancing guidelines in place for all physical locations

  • Staff screened daily on arrival to the office and log maintained

  • Clinic rooms sanitized between patients

Note: With both service options all patients receive remote follow-up at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure compliance and optimal patient care.


Contact us today for help getting started: 1-833-87-SLEEP