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Liviliti Paptizer Smart CPAP Cleaner

$299.00 - $249.00


The Paptizer reproduces UV-C light in the range of 260nm to 280nm using 40 high-power LEDs.  The device can also reduce unpleasant smells by decomposing the molecular structure of the odor. “In as little as 3 minutes you can sanitize CPAP equipment and everyday items at the press of a button!”

That’s right, in addition to sanitizing CPAP equipment, you can sanitize everyday items like surgical masks, cellphones, pacifiers, hearing aids, dentures, makeup brushes, jewelry, keys, credit cards — pretty much whatever fits inside the box.

Overview of the Paptizer UVC LED Smart Sanitizer:

  • Industry-leading quick three-minute disinfection time
  • Auto shut-off when the product completes its cycle
  • Items are immediately ready to use after cleaning with no downtime
  • Sterile Storage allows you to secure a product for up to 24 hours
  • 10,000 hour long-lasting Platinum LED Beads
  • Two-year warranty
  • Safe and easy for anyone to use
  • No ozone, mercury, chemicals, or residue
  • Can disinfect a multitude of everyday items
  • Compact, portable, affordable


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