Patient's Who Download the MyAir Phone App Have a Higher Success Rate with CPAP Therapy:

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"The main finding of this study was that a high proportion (83.9%) of brand new CPAP users who used standard care and the ResMed myAir self-management application achieved Medicare adherence in the first 90 days of CPAP treatment. The median time to achieve Medicare adherence was 23 days. This suggests that the myAir digital health solution may have a positive effect on adherence to CPAP therapy." Lynch, S., Blase, A., Wimms, A., Erikli, L., Benjafield, A., Kelly, C., & Willes, L. (n.d.). Retrospective descriptive study of CPAP adherence associated with use of the ResMed myAir application. ResMed Science Center, ResMed Pty Ltd.